Business Consultancy

With all the daily distractions that come from running your own business, it can be easy to lose focus of the strategic aims and targets you originally set yourself.  Taking the time to properly consider your business’ future and instilling some discipline to help achieve your goals can be the difference between creating a successful self-sufficient business that can feed your lifestyle, and one that becomes your lifestyle.

Key to helping a business thrive and grow is the ability to understand its key performance drivers.  A core understanding of these drivers provides a solid framework to prepare realistic short and long-term plans that will produce real growth.  A business’ financial information is just one way of identifying these performance drivers, helping to recognise a business’ strengths and weaknesses.

At Walpole Dunn, we have the business experience to assist you prepare, monitor and implement the plans to deliver your key goals and the success your hard work deserves.

We can help:

  • Identify your business’ core strengths and weaknesses and develop fully documented plans to capitalise or eliminate these;
  • Design and advise on the bespoke internal structure and controls that will help deliver the plans and budgets without interfering with your business.
  • Produce financial budgets and forecasts that enable you to plan for the immediate and longer-term future; and
  • Designing and delivering a management information model bespoke to your business, ensuring that you can monitor the key information you need to measure performance against budgets and plans.

Business plans may be needed for all sorts of reasons, including asset finance and other funding applications.

We also appreciate that many smaller businesses don’t have room in their budget to afford the type of management information reporting that most traditional accountants offer.  That’s why we take a personal approach to each and every one of our clients, and take the time to identify the specific needs of their business plans, meaning that we don’t offer a generic service for a generic price.   Instead, our services and prices are dependent on your specific needs, and can be flexible with your business’ on-going development.

Whether you need assistance with summary plans with a quick turnaround, or more detailed plans for in-depth planning, contact us today to arrange an initial no-obligation meeting.

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