Business Compliance

Whether its statutory company accounts required by law, or sole trader or partnership accounts required to calculate tax liabilities, our role is to make the compliance process as pain-free and cost-effective as possible.

Here at Walpole Dunn, we have the experience and expertise to ensure that your accounts are prepared fully compliant with UK GAAP and other statutory requirements, such as HMRC and Companies House iXBRL tagging.  If provided alongside our tax compliance services, these accounts then form the basis of fully compliant personal and corporate tax returns.

Our processes are designed to ensure that the timeframe from receiving your records to issuing accounts is as short as possible, which enables us to keep your costs to a minimum. In addition, our commitment to providing a quality service means that we don’t allow work to ‘sit on the shelf’ until a pressing filing deadline looms, but instead your accounts are completed and made available whilst they are still current and relevant to your business activities.

And whilst UK business tax rates are some of the lowest of the G20 nations, that doesn’t mean that business owners and their advisors can’t do more to help lower a business’ tax bill.  Here at Walpole Dunn, we provide a complete business tax service, helping businesses to minimise their tax exposure and so keep more of their hard-earned profits.  Our proactive approach means that we can help make sure that you adhere to the tax return filing and tax payment deadlines and budget for future liabilities, so that you’re never hit with unexpected fines or a surprising tax liability.

For us, business tax doesn’t just mean calculating the tax payable on business profits. Together with our Research & Development and Business Plans services, we consider all aspects of a business’ tax affairs, including:

  • Maximising tax-reducing claims, such as capital allowances;
  • Considering the interaction between a company and it’s owners – some business owners use their company’s bank account like their own current account – we help explain the tax implications of this and develop tax-efficient strategies to avoid nasty surprises down the line;
  • Advising on Research & Development tax relief – helping company’s maximise the corporation tax relief they receive on their innovative activities – see our dedicated page;
  • Advising on Enterprise Management Incentives (“EMI”) – considering the benefit of introducing a tax-efficient share scheme reward package for key employees – see our dedicated page;
  • Enterprise Investment Scheme (“EIS”) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (“SEIS”) – helping raise finance with tax-efficient capital schemes – see our dedicated page; and
  • Assisting with HMRC enquiries.

We recognise that some businesses simply want an annual relationship with their accountant, using them only to ensure a quick turnaround of the accounts at as low a cost as possible.  Whether you want this or a more comprehensive business relationship, contact us to discuss how we can provide a service package bespoke to your needs.

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