Walpole Dunn Announces Cider Business!

Walpole Dunn are expanding! You know us for our exceptional accounting services, but now we want to make accounting fun for you. So, in true Somerset fashion, we are pleased to announce the launch of our limited edition WD Cider!

What is WD Cider?

WD Cider isn’t just a tasty treat on a summer day; it also contains dinitrogen monoxide and ethanol, proven to improve your understanding of accountancy (at least in your eyes) and make the process much more enjoyable!

Made from apples direct from Somerset orchards, our cider is exceptionally dry and crisp, and even infused with blue food colouring to provide the unique WD signature. Expert cider taster, Tony Dunn, describes the beverage as “pretty decent”.

Where can I get a bottle?

WD Cider is available for a limited time NOW, for the low price of £19.99 per 300ml bottle. You can find our cider currently in stock at all the best Somerset accountancy firms. Become a client today to receive a free bottle and complimentary WD coaster!

[Offer valid until 1 April 12:00pm]

WD Cider bottle label by the Walpole Dunn brewing company

April Fool’s!