St Margaret’s A Walk To Remember

As part of our fundraising efforts for St Margaret’s Hospice Care, the Walpole Dunn team recently took part in ‘A Walk to Remember’.

On 18 October, we began our planned walk at Fyne Court, with the intention to loop around and finish at Broomfield covering a total of 8.9 miles! Of course, as novice walkers, we took several wrong turns and needed to do some minor backtracking throughout the walk. Including all these wrong turns, we covered a total distance of approximately 10 miles, totalling 5 hours. The whole team were very happy to see the finish line!

Luckily, throughout the walk we experienced clear skies and dry weather so that we could take in the spectacular views of the Quantock Hills. While the walk was definitely a challenge, we had a great time exploring such a beautiful corner of the world.

Like many charities, St Margaret’s has been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We are so happy that we are able to contribute an amazing £662.50 to the Hospice through this walk. We hope this donation will help them to continue in their amazing work. Thank you to all who donated!

To find out more about our current fundraising efforts, check out our WD in the Community Page.

St Margaret's A Walk To Remember - images from walk